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Saturday, June 6

New Hov!!!- Death Of Auto-tune (D.O.A)

"The only rapper to re-write history without a pen/ No i.d on the track let the story begin"

I definetly had to post this. New Jay-Z "Death Of Auto-tune" the song premiered at 9pm it is now 3am and it already has 33,000 downloads!!! No more talking just listen

Death Of Autotune _prod. Kanye West _ No I.D._ _Radio Rip_ - Jay-Z


Loniii Ann said...

this the song everyones ranting about.
finally i can pump

Loniii Ann said...

ops i can bump*
Jay-z is the man,NO LIE

A-LI$T said...

lol he still got his own mind right..

Marc Papers said...

Jigga jus sed everything i been preaching the past few months. lets stop wit the crossover pop/r&b/hip-hop/rap shit n lets get back to rapping. ima do me... fuck da bullshit.

-"If you dont like my lyrics you could press fast forward
--Jay-Z "99 Problems"

Fresh 5 said...

Damn..only 30 sec's? JAY man ur a We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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