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Wednesday, June 3

Sa-Ra New Album!!!

Sa-Ra is set to drop theyre new album "Nuclear Evolution: The Age Of Love". Its a double CD which should be crazy for the simple fact that Sa-Ra makes the hottest un-categorized music in my eyes. Its set to drop June 24... hopefully no set backs or anything will delay this album. Here is there first single off the new album "Bitch Baby"

Bitch Baby - Sa Ra Creative Partners

JUMP for tracklist

Disc 1:

01. Spacefruit Feat. Debi Nova
02. Dirty Beauty Feat. Erykah Badu
03. I Swear feat. Noni Limar
04. Melodee N’mynor
05. He Say She Say
06. Traffika
07. Souls Brother
08. Bitch Baby
09. Love Czars
10. Gemini’s Rising feat. Rozzi Daime
11. The Bone Song
12. White Cloud feat. Rozzie Daime & Lil’ Kenny
13. Move Your Ass
14. Love Today
15. Can I Get You Hi
16. My Star Feat. Erika Rose
17. Cosmic Ball Feat. The Gary Bartz Quartet

Disc 2:

01. Spaceways Theme
02. Just Like A Baby
03. Double Dutch (Co Co Pops)
04. Death Of A Star (Supernova)
05. Powder Bump
06. Hangin By A String


Loniii Ann said...

love them

Fresh 5 said...

Yes!!!...I NEED THIS SHIT!! We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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