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Wednesday, June 10

Sony Camera with Wi-Fi

While looking for a new camera online i found this sony camera "Cyber-shot DSC-G3" with Wi-Fi!!!. Its has a very nice look to it, seems slim enough to fit in your pocket, and can upload your pics that you take straight to the web from your camera. The only bad thing is that this shit is $500.

"Providing some of the conveninence and sharing capability of a cell phone camera while maintaining photographical integrity ISs a tall order. The new Cyber-shot DSC-G3 from Sony met the demands with flair, however. A 10 megapixel sensor, 3.5″ touch LCD display, 4 x optical zoom and 4 gigs of memory provide the easy, accurate picture-taking that you’ve come to expect from a Cyber-shot. The camera takes user-friendliness to the next level with Wi-Fi capability and a web browser. The minute you snap an unforgettable photo (or video) that begs to be shared with your closest friends, upload it straight from your camera to the web. Simply press the WLAN and activate the web browser to upload your photo or video to a number of media-sharing sites like Shutterfly and YouTube. Then move on to the next shot.

The camera works on AT&T Wi-Fi. Since you’re not a pro, the camera lends a hand with technical features like Intelligent Scene Recognition, Face Detection, Anti-Blink Function and Smile Shutter helping you to truly capture the essence of the moment with a picture that should be framed, rather than burned
. "

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Marc Papers said...

can u say really fucking dope? We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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