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Wednesday, June 10


This poem was left on the Truth Myspace comments from a cigarette smoker, it is beautiful, raw and sad, all at the same time,

I smoke this cigarette
One puff at a time
I smoke this cigarette
And wonder why I'm dying
My teeth are yellow
My lungs are black
All I do is hack and hack
My hair smells bad
My clothes stink too
Is that why you don't want me next to you
I can't walk up the steps
With out running out of breath
My chest feels tight
It's hard to sleep at night
I spend all my money
I could buy other things
Hell with all I spend
I could buy diamond rings
For you or my kids that I'm going to leave behind
I can't believe I don't care I'm dying

by Lil_Ugly418


Fresh 5 said...

i used to smoke..
loved to choke..
hated the smell..
It pleased me well, smoke smoke smoke smoke...
Ciggs are what i needed...
Till my doctor told me, chill the fuck out duke...U dont need it..
( she was a jew )

ELLE said...

lol nice fresh We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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