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Wednesday, July 1

21-7 Weekly Poll:

This past week we asked you guys if you believe in life on another planet. The results are in.
84% Yes
16% No

Of course I believe in life on another planet. I've always been intrigued by alien life, since I was little. Plus I was obsessed with Roswell. But I've always thought it was pretty cocky of earth to think we're the only planet with life. Now I know NASA has ways of taking pics and shit from other planets, and so there has been no real proof of life on any of them. But I don't know, it seems strange to me for earth to be the only planet to support life, and we do it so majorly. It's a drastic difference. It would be really crazy for there to be life on another planet though. Because for one they'd probably look very different, or maybe not at all. But all the planets have different features that obviously wouldn't allow humans to live there so if anyone does live there, they surely aren't human to our standards. They have different air capacity and all that technical shit. This pic here is a pic NASA took of Mars in 2008 I think, and there appeared to be a living individual there (jump for other pics). They do believe Mars once had surface water and could of possibly supported life at some time long ago. This pic is creepy because a) what the fuck is it and b) this means mars doesn't need water to support life and if that's the case there must be more where this guy came from. But where? And if there is life on another planet, how come they haven't built cities and shit? It's all just a great mystery. Unanswered question after another. Outer space is a scary thing to think about. Do you remember when they found that new planet in '07 outside the solar system, that they believe could support water and life? Can you imagine another planet, with a different sky, weather system, day & night system, living life as normal as us, going to school (probably freely) and partying on the weekends? We really don't know what they're life may be like, or how long it's been there, what they're morals are or what's it like to be their species. Or maybe there is another planet some where just like earth. It's crazy to think about. Especially 'cause everything we do know is told to us by the government and we know they're liars. I also want to mention that I know the bible doesn't discuss any planet but earth. And I've read shit that said discovery of life on another planet could destroy Christianity. But it won't. I think the bible is just only concerned with earth. Discovery will only expand our minds. In the end, we'll never know, until we know.

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It's creepy to be looking at Mars, allegedly

1 comment:

Loniii Ann said...

i said yes because I am trying to move to the moon, lol
or mars. We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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