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Thursday, December 3

Thoughtful Thursday

Children having children is so whack. Young people, period. Children are so beautiful , so special, and so innocent. Their whole childhood is out of their control. The parents create that child's whole life. Every energy surrounding that child effects him/her. All they do is feel. Children should be born into COMMITTED, STABLE families. Families where there is trust and love. Too many people think about their age when they think of having a baby. "I don't want to be an old mom." All that matters, is that you're a good mom. Have a baby when you are in a stable relationship, with a stable income, and a some-what stable grasp on life. How can you raise another life, if you don't have your own figured out? If we all chose to have babies when the time is right, into beautiful, safe, loving environments then our future would promise to be bright.


FacetGirl said...

tell 'em 21-7!

Juskish said...

omg i read the first part and started rolling! LMFAO! so true! We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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