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Thursday, December 17

Thoughtful Thursday

A cool first thought is that today is 12/17 and it is 12:17am :) An even better second thought is that 21-7 co-founders, Elle & A-list, are no longer going to hide their poems in notebooks. In the 2010, 21-7 will be giving many artists a chance to let their inner talents loose for the world to appreciate. Stay tuned, it's going to be a good time.

Business prepositions,
Making a "mature" decision
Why should i speak?
When no one will listen
Is it for the chance or for the fans
Gaining is part of the plan
Don't allow them to knock you down
Just when they thought you'd leave
You came back around
Remind them of the pain
Remind them of the suffering
Don't let something so large turn into nothing
written by Alysia Mazzella

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