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Friday, December 18

My day Friday
Everyone meet my fantastical kitty, Pacman. I had him since he came out the womb, and he's been a delight since. He is a craaaaazy cat. And you guys want to know a funny fact, all Orange Tabbys are boys, weird right? I used to have another orange tabby named Pumpkin, but we lost him on Halloween, ironic eh?! Since moving to the city, I've never met so many people who dislike cats... many for illegitimate reasons..."they're evil," only in Halloween movies, "they scratch," but dogs bite. I urge everyone to learn to appreciate cats; they are very independent, loyal and loving animals. You just gotta scratch the right spot.

1 comment:

Juskish said...

pacman!!!!!! lol
so cute, but i know imma be scaared of him :-( We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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