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Sunday, December 13

Sunday Songs

We featured Legacy on the site way back when. Today, he is working hard in London producing for his band Jerico Kane, as well as his own stuff. This song "Heartbreaker" is a amazing, and the breakdown.... oh-weeeee! Listen up, because the lyrics are really deep. Legacy is a legit artist all around; producing, writing, singing and more. Want it as a ringtone? Download it for free!

Legacy- Heartbreaker

"Don't tell me you love, thinking of me, or that you would need to stay. I'm not what you deserve, just look deeper, before you give your heart away. Just open up your eyes and realize I'm just a guy, who wants nothing more. I'll keep my eyes on the prize, when I get it, I'm done with it, nothing else I'm looking for....Don't fall, 'cause I may not catch you." -Legacy

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