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Monday, May 11

21-7 Weekly Poll:

Okay so like 2 weeks ago, lol, sorry about the late poll results, we asked you guys,
What's your favorite thing about Summer?

Chilling Outside 57%
The Sun 23%
Hot boys/girls 14%
Parties 4%

chilling outside is definitely the best. There is nothing better than fresh air. But I do love how everyone brings their sexy, fun style out. Summer is great 'cause of all of these things. It's just a cool time.

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*photo Hedi Slimane


BackPack said...

i honestly didn't know which one to pick smh lolll

Loniii said...

i picked the sun.
that is my i look way hotter with a tan, = ]

ELLE said...

lol word i looove my summer glow

Menace457 said...

Is Having The Day Off Considered "Chilling Outside" ?....I Think Having A Day Off Of Work During The Summer Time Is The Best, Wheter I'm Outside Or Not. LOL

ELLE said...

lol i feel u on that 1 menace

oh and i really wanna talk about the cutie in this pic...rockin the A's fitted <3 coachella 09 pic

Backyard betty said...

Yess...I was just about to write something about the dude in the picture...yummayyy

Menace457 said...

Cutie In The A's Fitted? yummayyy? Plz You Two Need To Put Your Glasses On....I Look Much better Than Him!!!! LOL We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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