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Friday, May 15

Elizabeth and James sample sale

Elizabeth and James and LaROK Sample sale
E&J items ranging from $15 to $155 & LaRok ranging from $20 to $60!

This weekend, today through Sunday.
11am to 7pm today & tomorrow
12pm to 6pm on Sunday

72 Wooster Street (Between Spring and Broome Streets)
New York, NY 10013

Update: I went....and the deals are great! JUMP to read about it!

Especially for LaRok items, the prices were great. The Elizabeth & James stuff was great for what it's worth and I just adore everything from them. It was crazy packed though. I grabbed everything I could and got naked as fast as I could. The fight for the mirrors was annoying. But finally I decided on this amaziing LaRok tank, $20! But then I realized, the line for check out wrapped around the entire place. Girls told me it was a 2 hour wait to check out. So I went to a couple girls in the front and asked if I could get in line with them, 'cause I only had 1 item, was paying with cash, & rushing for work (work was a lie) and can you believe all 3 people I asked said no!? These bitches in there were savages and evil. They had attitude problems. And they all had arms full of items they could barely even carry (rich bitches), and they couldn't let me slide for 1 lowzy tank! It made me so mad but I said fuck it, I'm not waiting 2hrs, although it was a fucking amazing deal for a fucking amazing top, I wanted super super bad, at least it was $20 remaining in my pocket. Damn those fashionistas. I went to the Alexander Wang sample sale & it was nothing like that, except for the mirror part...I don't know why these sample sales don't have more. Whatevs, I'm thinking bout going back Sunday. They said they're putting new items out everyday. If you guys go I suggest you make sure you have enough time on your hands.

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