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Saturday, May 2

No more Yeezy's???

Watch as this kid explains the bad news outside of a Footlocker he camped out for the night to purchase a pair of the second release of Mr. West's signature Nike shoe, The Air Yeezy, which were released today. Security told the anxious buyers that there will be no shipment of the shoe, but the people feel it was false. This same silly stunt was pulled at the first release to lower the crowd of campers. Air Yeezy's are going for $215 and they look a lil' something like this...



A-LI$T said...

lmao... that lttle boy was a smooth talker! but thats ass.. they jus tryna get em outta there

mack said...

yeah all my boys have been down there since wednesday. wackness! we'll see what happens.

ELLE said...

thats horrible

Menace457 said...

LMAO @ "And We Got The Swine Flu Out Here"......That's Crazy That They Would Do That, But I'm Not Surprised At All !!!

Yersmania said...

never liked them sneakers anyway We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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