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Friday, May 8

soooo, last night..

I was going to make a post about how, as some of you may know, those pics of Cassie's B cup (what appear to be), nipple pierced boobs leaked on the net, yesterday morning. She replied via Twitter that someone hacked into her personal computer (which is impossible for someone to do). There is a pic of her showing her cooch cooch too but those are obviously photo shopped. But I then decided not to because I didn't feel like adding to what may be a publicity and is also not that serious.
But now Rihanna! Rihanna's nude photos have leaked!!!! Yessir it's true. They were obviously done for a loved one and I mean, we all know Ri's a freak. If you've seen her in concert, you know. My question is how did those get out? Hmmm eh? I think it's just really funny how this happened the day after Cassie's shit. People scream publicity stunt for Cassie & blame CB for Ri's. But shit, as far as we know both them bitches could have released them. We've learned over the years that we'd be shocked at the things celebrities do. Especially to remain a celebrity. It could have been the assholes they sent it to, smfh. But anywho. Life. Girls do shit like this for boys. It may not be the brightest, but that's life sometimes.

See Cassie's pics here (they are all censored, the raw pics were pulled off the net quick)
See Rihanna's pics here & here (there was a video along with the photos but that shit has been removed)

Who's pics will be released tomorrow?


Menace457 said...

These Broads Want Attention....Please, You Seen One Tit You Seen Them All, But Ri's Pics......God Damn....Sorry "Spen" Didnt Mean To Say That About Your Family....(If You Ever Read This)

ELLE said...

lol rihanna looked damn good

Menace457 said...

LOL Your Damn Right Elle......I Give That Thang 2 Thumbs Up !!!

.stac. said... i have a hard time believing this is photoshopped but i could be wrong...

here's the raw of cassie too:

PUBLICITY STUNT... she clearly wants attention: she shaved a quater of her head off!! We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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