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Thursday, May 7

Tiny Masters of Today

When I first ever listened to Tiny Masters of Today, Ada was 11 and her brother Ivan was 13. Now Ada is 13 and Ivan is 15. They've been touring everywhere. On the drums is Jackson Pollis, a former model & all around "it" boy. He keeps his age a mystery, but it's his early 20s.
I'm digging their latest track Pop Chart. The video is pretty funny. These kids are too fucking cool for school.
And they're from Brooklyn ma' fuckas! So you already know!


Backyard betty said...

They make me want to start a band lol...this shit is cute.

autumn said...

oh coolll!

ELLE said...

yea ive always wanted 2 start aband...i think a-list & i both want 2 be on drums...but i say she wuld be better on the guitar

A-LI$T said...

these tiny masters are incredible, it amazes me how young people can have such a connection with music, that shit is real. lmao elle maybe if i was in the zone i'd fuck up the guitar.. but the drums just seem to be my calling.. lets have 2 ppl on drums... something new eh?

ELLE said...

word im with that...sum new shit lol We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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