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Tuesday, May 5

T.I.'s last performance before he goes away

T.I. performs with Young Jeezy...and Ludacris, before he goes to jail for 1yr & a day. 1 year & a day is nothing though. For illegal deadly weapons...shit that's nothing. My brother got 5 years for robbing a few phones. Like really, what the fuck did he want those weapons for? That's scary. He'll be aight. You know he has 6 kids!? I always forget. He's, what, 28. Anyways..he turns me the fuck on sometimes (srry domo) lol


A-LI$T said...

OMG he didn't go away yet?

LMFAO why did he want those weapons??!?!? PPL WANT HIM DEAD! listen to his album manggg!

ELLE said... kill or be killed huh?

A-LI$T said...

OMG! thats his EXACT words on the album!!!!

ELLE said...

lol shameful We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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