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Wednesday, May 6

Young Flame - Take A Picture ft. Bless Child

What's going out there 21-7 Mag. viewers? First I would like to thank everyone that made it possible for me to be a part of this foundation which is a big melting pot of many interests, discussions, ect. and being a part of a movement def. requires hard work, dedication, determination, faith, and of course PROMOTION!!! Lol. And I LOVE promoting. A-LI$T sent yours truly, BackPack, some 21-7 stickers and I got a lil' idea...For those out there in 21-7 Mag. land, if you happen to have stickers just take a picture of you with one, two, w/e just make sure you're in the pic with the sticker and send 'em to! Lol. And last but not least here's a track I did with two of the most animated and talented artists I know personally named "Take A Picture". I found it to be a dope song to go along with the sticker promo. Kind of like a theme-song type of thing going on. Lol. Download Young Flame - Take A Picture ft. Bless Child and here's a vid of us in the studio with me working on the beat. I remember not going home this night.

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macky said...

alist, i need stickers before i go to hawaii!

Elle bitches said...

ut oh Fucke Sleep stickers in Honolulu! whaaat! holla

and backpack, seriously, you are the shit! We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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