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Monday, July 13

Business As Usual 21

Yesterday 21-7 attended a Swap Meet in Newburgh, NY presented by upcoming clothing line, Business As Usual 21. It was a beautiful day with great people and cool fuckin' cars.

JUMP for more about our day & more pics!

A-list, Andy of BAU21 and Elle

The Newburgh Swap Meet was hosted from 12pm to 4pm, with massive car owners ready to buy, trade and sell everything for their fast and furious machines. Our neighbors at the next table, Business As Usual 21, were selling tee's like hotcakes, as we spread the 21-7 word, selling candy and water to keep everyone cool on such a blazing day. There was great food, an amazing variety of music blasting (from MJ, to Lady GaGa to Wu Tang), and towards the end of the event
BAU21 raffled off $500 in prizes. Make sure you check out BAU21 on their myspace, you will definitely be hearing more about them, keep an eye open!

BAU21 table

Business As Usual 21 tee-shirts

A fast car

BAU 21's fast car

More fast cars

21-7 Magazine table

Original Flyer


ELLE said...

fun times, great day

Loniii Ann said...

this jump does not work.
but looked fun

Anonymous said...

nice pic ....

i think alist is smoking hot...
just my personal opinion
and i remember hear riding my back on the nite of the 40 onunce/ house of tee's lol normally i wudnt give anyone a piggy back ride but shes awsome..
i guess i gotta a lil crush oon her We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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