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Monday, July 13

The GAME disses Jay and Beyonce on stage


ELLE said...

lmao u know whats interesting...that all the of the auidence always participates in shit like this. wen they know they fuckin love jigga. and no rapper shuld ever call another rapper old...most rappers are old. and his lips so big, he culd suck on my cock, that was real ground breaking game

A-LI$T said...

Def not feeling the hate but Jay is maad fuckin old.. he needs to retire ASAP.. and most rappers aren't old! with the definition of "old" being about or over 40yrs..

(SEX)AVIER said...

yo age dont mean shit if you got it, then you got it
if micheal jordan was playing the way he was at the age of 24 right now everyone would be kissing his balls. gayme is an emotional little punk. and that sad shit is i used to really like game but he is just too emotional

Marc Papers said...

on the real tho Elle I do feel you. yea he can say Jigga is old, but come on the diss was weak. you calling Beyonce a hoe like she some type of jump off or something. he didnt go hard enough

*MP* We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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