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Friday, November 13


Life is truly a bitter sweet symphony. I've finally been promoted at my job, doing Visuals full time. But I have to be transferred to the 5th Ave. flagship store. And I do not want to leave my store, the Soho store. I love my co workers. The space is just cozy and the team has a nice chemistry. I laugh EVERY time. The personalities there are great. Besides working at 8am everyday, I love my job. I'm comfortable there. I know where everything is and how everything runs. I've really become an asset. Plus I'm a downtown girl. I mean I'm only going to midtown, but 5 ave flagship, it's not my style. The store there is huge, and cooperate is there all the time. Straight assness. BUUUT, life moves on. And though it sucks (my co-workers & managers have considered writing a petition to keep me <3)I have to look at the positive. I'm going to be full time. Benefits! Holla! And being around cooperate can be beneficial. Plus maybe being around a new team of people will allow me to be less distracted and give out orders more effectively. I'll gain from this. Everything happens for a reason. So I'm sad to leave but feeling optimistic about my next step.

Also I wanted to post a pic of me and my co workers but I don't have a good one so I posted this of me & A-list at our co-worker, Corey's Halloween party. I won't be working with her anymore either which duh, sucks. But soon her ass gone be promoted too and life will be smooth.


Loniii Ann said...

congrats girlllll
no i cant hardly visit
love ya!

Juskish said...


ELLE said...

thanks =) We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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