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Sunday, November 15

Sunday Songs

A-li$ters, Dominique Sadé & Elle Santiago

This fine Sunday we present to you an A-list Playlist. A gathering of a-mazing songs we have in rotation. Download it for free and jam! We know some people (especially Elle) have trouble downloading tracks–so this is for all of you and all the other A-li$ters out there. You gotta feel us on this one!

1. Lil Kim "No Time"
2. September "Cry For You"
3. Rihanna F/ Young Jeezy "Hard"
4. Wiz Khalifa "One Way"
5. Matisyahu "Warrior"
6. Lady Gaga F/ Beyonce "Telephone"
7. Fabolous "Throw it in the Bag" remix
8. Curtiss King "Guttah Gullah Island"
9. Lil Wayne "Banned From TV"
10. Beanie Sigel F/ 50 Cent "I Go Off"
11. Wiz Khalifa "Weekend"
12. Rihanna "Wait Your Turn"

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