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Wednesday, November 18

Wet Wednesday

Taking it back for my Wet Wednesday. Ja Rule, what ever happen to you? I know I was a big Ja Rule fan back then, but now not so much. I can say that Ja Rule - Rainy Days f/ Mary J. Blidge was definitely a song that was on one of my many burnt cds I made, yes this is back when burning cds were cool. I must say I do miss those days. This song is powerful! Rainy days can be sad and they can be fun if you have rain boots. I personally wouldn't mind a rainy day every once and a while, it's something about that rain that makes me feel some type of way that I can't explain. Man it's just those rainy days...


ELLE said...

1st id like 2 say no1 was ever a bigger ja rule fan then me. i was obsesses. and this was my favorite video! i still love this shit. the song is amazing and ja looks so good in the video. good 1 loni

Loniii Ann said...

you got that girl!
lol We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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