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Friday, December 11

21-7 Weekly Poll:

Should gay marriage be legalized?

GAY RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS! They are civil rights. That EVERY CIVILIAN is entitled to. It is not a case for judgment. It is not your nor the government's decision. How can we live in a country that doesn't allow discrimination but discriminates against homosexuals? Those who don't agree with homosexual marriage because of Christianity are entitled to their opinion. But agreeing with gay marriage and agreeing that homosexuals should have equal rights are two different things. The Lord says ALL sins are equal. Lying is equal to being gay in Christianity. The Lord also says, only He can judge. But with America, God is up to the individual to believe in. So no law should even involve Him. Laws are made for HUMAN CIVILIANS. Are gays not humans? Are they not citizens of this planet, of this country? They are no less deserving of the right to marriage, to any right, than any other heterosexual human being alive. Those who do not agree in equal rights for all should be ashamed of themselves.

Yes 87%
No 12%

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1 comment:

Loniii Ann said...

i said YES
tell them elle! We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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