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Wednesday, December 2

Chris Brown x Drake x Vibe

Yessssss, Chris Brown is back and ready for a fresh start while Drake is ready to take over. Might I add that Vibe Magazine is back too?! We don't win once, or twice, but we win three times!

I love the contract of both artist.
Brown is looking sexy as ever in the all black and the words on his shirt speaks for itself, "R U Still Down?" I think that if this cover doesn't scream "forgive me," then I don't know what more can. He looks so vulnerable on this cover and I love it. When a man puts themselves in a place where he can be so vulnerable to public scrutiny, I think it says a lot on what they value.
Drake on the other hand is the newcomer to the game and, quite frankly, has been unstoppable thus far. This past summer he had everyone, everywhere bumping to his mixtape as if it was an album. Who knows what is installed for him? If the recent past is an indication, he is sure to go far.
While this is Drake's first cover, this is actually Brown's third and he refers to this one as a "rebirth." Jump for behind the scenes and to hear more from both Brown and Drake.


ELLE said...

so alist and i just discussed it and this is 1 horrible cover. the colors are yuck. he looks drawn on. a t-shirt with a turtle neck yuck, his hands out and facial expressions are pathetic and r u still down? wtf?

Loniii Ann said...

yeah shits not even creative at all
kind of dull if you ask me.

Juskish said...

oh man! technical difficulties on this post, but alright i got it.

Idk there's nothing too visually pleasing about the picture, but I like the idea of the whole contract.

I want people to push pass the whole incident and everything, but seeing that we're still on it, I liked what they did with it.

A-LI$T said...

chris browns body looks like Gumbi and "r u still down" is a RIDICULOUS thing to say when you supposedly BEAT A WOMAN. fuckkkkkk? drake is mediocre... as always

ELLE said...

lmfao... kisha the beating aside? he aint, he's still pushing this pity plea... r u still down? whaaaat? lookin all sad lmao...and drake, well...the black and yellow was just a bad idea. We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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