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Sunday, December 20

Rosa Acosta

Some may think Rosa Acosta didn't deserve it, but this Dominican vixen was crowned XXL Magazine's Eye Candy of the Year! We all see eye candy ALL THE TIME, but I think what made her stood out is her dancer ability. Let's think about how many times we see a beautiful girl with a nice body...too often, with nothing else about them that stands out visibly? Her trained dancer ability is what has set her apart. She betta work!

JUMP for a video and one of my favorite pics!


Juskish said...

hahahaha the vidoe is soft porn...sorry...or not?

Juskish said...


Loniii Ann said...

she's nothing special to me,
period point blank
i just dont see what other people see!

Juskish said...

what's special about her?

Loniii Ann said...

shes golden!
she just glows!
go look at her

Juskish said...

Ya damn right, she's gorgeous, but perhaps it wasn't her time.

Plus the guys are going gaga for's her time. She's in so many videos right now...maybe next year for Kimbella.

.stac. said...

I'm with Lonii on that one. She's in a porno. Her dancing would have been what made her stand out if she was using that. But instead she's using her dancing as another "come fuck me" ploy. How about we see her dance. Not see her body or her sex appeal. PSHH.

Juskish said...

How are you gonna say "Her dancing would have been what made her stand out if she was using that" and then say "But instead she's using her dancing as another "come fuck me" ploy." contradictory is it not?

From what I get, an eye candy is someone that stands out, in what ever way they do.

She does and so many guys are amazed at her right now. Dag congratulate. It's already sad that there's even such a crown and to now have people say she's not beautiful enough and all that...purlease!

A lot of other eye candy girl are pretty, have nice bodies, and the closet they come to what Rosa could do is making it cap.

And I was looking for a video from her ballerina days, but I couldn't find one, so this video was the closest I came to showing off what the dancer could do. We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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