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Monday, December 7

Snick @ Nite

Now this is fun. Curtiss King is very creative, this new mixtape, Snick @ Nick takes samples from our favorite TV classics and creates incredible remixes. The beats are off the wall, undeniable, and Curtiss' flow finishes off the tracks with perfection.


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Snick @ Nite Tracklist

1. VHS Intro
2. Salute Your Shorts
3. Guttah Gullah Island
4. Guts ft. Art Barz
5. Doug Interlude
6. Bangin On A Trash Can
7. Ren & Stimpy ft. Pheo & Ramone Jones
8. Clarissa Explains It All ft. Octane from Audio Push
9. My Brother and Me
10. Are You Afraid interlude
11. Are You Afraid Of The Dark? ft. Faim Kills and Noa James
12. We All That
13. Snick @ Nite Outro

1 comment:

Loniiii said...

Curtiss you the man for this one!
DOPE idea
love it
thanks for shouting us out on Salute Your Shorts
HOLLA! We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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