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Thursday, December 10

Tavi & Rodarte for Target


Tavi is seriously doing big things. Homegirl is 13 and I am so jealous of her. At such a young age (thanks to the world wide web) Tavi had accomplished so much. She sat front row at some shows at New York Fashion Week this past September, attended exclusive parties, appeared on magazine covers, made friends with Rodarte designers and even appeared as the guest of honor at Rei Kawakubo’s (Comme Des Garcons) holiday party in Japan. And now she got a job working at Harper’s Bazaar to review the spring collections! WHAT! Iconic, historical Harper's Bazaar has hired a 13 year old! She is going to be so successful before she turns 18, it's amazing. I'm proud of her because she's become successful on her own, genuinely, not because she was born rich and had connects, you know.

Well Tavi has also collaborated with her friends, literally her friends now (crazy), at Rodarte on a video project promoting their Target collection shown here.

for the video. You're a blessed girl Tavi, congrats on the success so far!


Juskish said...

Tavi is getting it right now!

Loniii Ann said...

so inspiring!

autumn said...

man, i love her.
she's going places!! We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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