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Thursday, January 21

Thoughtful Thursday
My godsis Mere is a real life nomad, not one of those fake hippies holding up a peace sign in their twitter icons. And I now totally understand why the word "God sister" was made up by my brother when we were growing up, well actually her mom is my godmom. But she is so inspiring and amazing it unbearable. If I ever feel weak or like I'm becoming a person I don't want to become I think about her. She is so free spirited and happy hearted, it can make anyone want to pack up their bags and leave this type of lifestyle. When it come to words, she is swifter than wind. Enjoy and don't think too hard :)

"feathers worn on hallows eve
now bless the piano of HELLarity, indeed
our gypsy eye have now traveled miles
and all the while
we enchant with knowing smiles...

"I have an uncompromisable will to be a Warrior of the Light. I am conscious of the a constant activity of the Divine Mind within me and pursue Right thought and Right action whole-heartedly. I seek connections with other galactic beings so we may grow in harmony together -both by Meredeth C.

Now, that's what life's about.


ELLE said...

that 2nd para was great. is this pic her?

21-7 Magazine said...

yes it is

ELLE said...

this is a mad cool pic We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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