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Wednesday, January 6

Wet Wednesday
Nothing like a wet poem to kick off this Wet Wednesday, enjoy.

by Moondance

Wetness does not always pertain to water
in an ocean, river or lake;
Sometimes it refers to how I feel
when I remember your embrace.

I only have to think of you
to remember me in your arms;
My legs quivering, my mouth moaning
I have fallen captive to your charms.

I long to feel your body on mine
to know the taste of satisfied love;
To lie quietly in your arms
we fit together like a hand to a glove.

You are the sweetheart of my life
you are my one sure bet;
You never have to wonder babe . . .
you can always keep me wet.

1 comment:

ELLE said...

that was sweet. Arthur's name is great We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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