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Tuesday, January 5


Weed brownies DO NOT taste good. In case you thought it might taste some-what regular, let us warn you. It tastes EXACTLY like weed. It's not the best. We much rather light the green.

UPDATE: We have learned from quite a few people that you have to cook the weed in the butter (check the comments). We didn't make any, our co-worker baked them and gave us each one. Ironically, he probably made them just like this pic.

*photo via google


Juskish said...

hahahahahahaha, thats a lot of weed there!

Loniii Ann said...

looks nasty!

IAN !!!!! said...

a list... you're suppose to make weed butter, and then mix it into it

if i'm not mistaken it looks like you just put straight bud into the brownies.

(THC is activated by heat, when you make the butter, it's active when put in the oven)

21-7 Magazine said...

*Pic found via google We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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