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Tuesday, April 28

21-7 Weekly Poll:

If you had the chance to become a huge celebrity tomorrow, what would you say?

Yes 23%
No 76%

Interesting question huh. Being a celebrity has many good & bad points. And although I'd love to have Louis Vuitton clothes personally sent to me, I couldn't be a huge celebrity. Never being able to just shop with your friends in peace. Always having to roll with a entourage of body guards & shit. Constantly working. Having your personal life displayed on the internet. Your every move publicly criticized. It'd be too much. I would like to be a celebrity among the celebrities though ;) But you know what, the simple life is really the most rewarding life of all.

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1 comment:

Loniii said...

i voted yes, damn. the percentile is low.
i wanna be famous, but in a cool way. We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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