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Friday, April 24

Kanye ft. Young Jeezy - Amazing

Uhhhh. "Rappers need to think outside the box, Hype Williams can't direct everyone's video." Lou Vega said it best in issue 3.

I love this track. And the scenery in this video is beautiful. But overall, this shit is whack. It's definitely not outside the box. I mean, we've all seen footage of islands before. And besides Yeezy & Jeezy, the only other person in the video is a girl in a bikini. That's brand new for hip hop videos right?
You would think someone of Kanye's caliber would get someone other than Hype Williams to direct his video. Like really, we're over that shit. Let some new directors get some play. Anyways...enjoy


A-LI$T said...

you not lying elle! hype prolly just charges him less or smething lmao

Loniii said...

this is my song.

BackPack said...

vid is nuts

Backyard betty said...

I was overly bored with this video...seriously I just let the video play out without looking at it...because I can't front I like this song lol.

LoU vEga!! a.K.A. yUnG pRoPaNe!! said...

wOrD ..I'M dIaPpOiNtEd iN yEEzY aNd jEezy fOr tHis vIdEo.. i tHoUgHt nIggAz wOuLd aT lEasT tRy oR sUnTin.. We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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