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Saturday, April 25


What the hell made Asher Roth think he could say this shit? Seriously. I am so disappointed in him. Like really, what the fuck were you thinking Asher. I've read comments on this and many are saying he was just joking, he's a rapper who cares. No you assholes, this is not okay. Nothing in this post says he's joking. There's no lol, no smiley face. I think there's a possibility he just made a bad choice of words, and I'm sure it wasn't meant to be racist or malicious. But it's still not okay. And Asher needs to understand that. I read that he apologized, but didn't find one anywhere. Then he later said he was hacked...after he apologized. smh, bullshit.

And this ridiculous incident has 'caused some beef between Nah Right & XXL. It's pretty funny to read people argue over the net. To sum it up XXL made a post about this & how Nah Right hadn't made a post addressing. And then insinuated that Nah Right may be getting paid to make certain posts. Well Nah Right was not happy about this, so they basically cursed XXL out. lol, it's great.

How are you guys feeling about all this?


BackPack said...

not a good move...
still like his music though, but he must have been under the influence to really type and twitt that loll

Fresh 5 said...

Clown...c this is what happens and i cant be mad at him for being liek this tho..look at who he is around mainly! lol

LeiTxo said...

Hmm.. this could break him. People aren't usually aware of the people that read their stuff. Shame.

-LeiTxo We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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