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Tuesday, April 21

Style War

I'm kinda late on this one. But Complex mag & Nah Right started this game called Style War. Hip Hop's finest go head to head on a battle of who's style is the freshest. It's almost at the end. Currently battling is:

Slick Rick vs Fresh Prince (Fresh Prince in the lead)
Kanye West vs Pharrell (Kanye bustin' ass)
Lil Wayne vs 2Pac (Wayne is winning but that makes no sense at all)
Jay-Z vs Notorious (Jigga is winning, but I really couldn't choose)

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Fresh 5 said...

Now you see the age complex..fresh prince over Slick the ruler? Are you 4real? Kanye and P-willy idk..Lil wayne 2 Pac? COME ON..And Jay to big..Fat black and ugly, however i stay coogie down to the socks..!! I got big by like 2+over jay but not 2much..

ELLE said...

i fucks wit fresh prince style...always...i know slick is fresh too but srry my vote goes 2 the prince...kanye over skateboard p..hmmm they're a tie for me.. 2pac over wayne everyday of my life. and jay's style is smooth but yeah biggie was & 4eva will be the flyest fat ass We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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