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Tuesday, April 28


Looking for a new female artist to bump too, well you already know 21-7 got you covered, and with that being said haved you checked out A-list interview on new Sweeden artist, Mapei? If not what are you waiting for, go there AHORA! Beside her funky curly hair and her unique name and style, Mapei is all that and then some. lol I really enjoy her Vixens video of how she put her x-boyfriend on blast, that shit was funny. Oh man I can't even get into detail, just go read the interview.

"Mapei is ILL....juss got put on from 21-7Magazine dope!!! " ~ MeLo X is up on it. Thank for the love via twitter, your the shit.

1 comment:

ELLE said...

yea she's the shit We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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