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Monday, November 9

21-7 Weekly Poll:

For how long do you shower on average?

15-20 minutes 47%
10 or less minutes 28%
20-25 minutes 14%
30 + minutes 9%

I'm mad 30 + was chosen! How dare you! The only time a shower should take that long is if you're a female and it's wolfing season. So you gotta wash your hair, shave your legs, underarms, nipples, cooch, and ass. lmfao, seriously tho. But really, on average, if you shower everyday, stats show, it should only be 10-15 minutes. You dirty ma' fuckers don't need more than that.

And yo peep this ceiling shower. I fucks with it. It's too big of a shower head though, that wastes so much water. If it was real low pressure it'd probably be ok.

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Loniii Ann said...

This picture is beautiful
. I def answered 10 or less, b/c personal showers are the least thing I want to take, it's too much work esp when I have to wash my hair omfg that just pushing it because it takes me like 25m. Im a in an out person. p.s. gotta preserve the water .

Loniii Ann said...

talking about wolfing season and shaving all the above
we are seriously monkeys i swear! We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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