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Thursday, November 12

Beyonce & Lady GaGa

Video Phone Remix. The video for this is supposedly dropping 11/23. Are we feeling this collaboration or not? If not, who on this track does not belong?

**Telephone, another track by Lady GaGa & Beyonce also dropped today, so listen and let us know your thoughts on both.


Loniii Ann said...

I am digging them both!
Collaboration is great, haven't seen such an awesome collaboration in a while.
so this is great!

Juskish said...

I love this and I like Lady Gaga's voice on this. Points for Beyonce for the collab bcuz she is soon to be reigned on my Gaga!

ELLE said...

i digged the mix. i didnt initially feel gaga's verse, there was sumthing ackward but i started 2 feel the brighter side. video phone is just a great song. but the lyrics are awfully interesting.

T. said...

i actually don't like the song.

both of them can sing, but the content is wack.

ELLE said...

i been listenin 2 telephone on repeat. i love it! We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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