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Friday, November 13

My day Friday

CHEESE, I AM BRACES FREE! So this week was a semi-good week because I finally got my braces off! I had those bad boys on ever since Fall 06', I was a senior in High School, now I am a Junior in college, boy times flies. I must say I am still adjusting and I kind of miss them, I still feel like I have them sometimes. I was actually one of many who enjoyed their braces, weird yup I know everyone I talked to who had them couldn't wait to get there's off. I must say it feels good. Many of those who knew me probably new I never smiled with my braces showing. So now I have to practice my smile with showing my teeth, ughhhh. So for My Day Friday, I decided to I take a few silly shots via photobooth for yall. Enjoy : )

JUMP for more cheesy smiles.



Juskish said...

You got em on the last pic! Yuuup!

A-LI$T said...

u look BEAUTIFUL! loves it <3

Elle said...

awww get em gorgeous!

Loniii Ann said...

thanks lovies

kemizt said...

oooh alright. congrats. & what a-list said. We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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