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Friday, November 13

Chris Brown: Crawl

Now, this isn't very subliminal at all. We know who Cassie is acting as. The song and lyrics are amazing, it actually gave me chills. And THATS one of the few reasons I'm posting. I'm kinda angry Cassie would even co-sign so quick and be in his video. FOR THE RECORD, I forgive Chris Brown but I don't think other artists should jump off the boat for him. Especially artists representing women-CASSIE!


Loniii Ann said...

this song is sweet.
not sure how I feel about cassie being lead girl though with that head.
= /

Loniii Ann said...

i hope all his slow songs aint about rihanna
so over this shit

Juskish said...

Yeah I wasn't feeling Cassie as the leading lady.

I really feel like he is much more mature and I am loving this Chris!!!

And yay A-li$t I forgive him too!!!

ELLE said...

yeah cassie obviously has problems lmao, she cracks me up. but the songs lyrics are pretty great. 'If we crawl til we can walk again' We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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