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Monday, November 9

Missing Monday

First, let me just say that at my age, one of the last things I could see myself buying is a Barbie. However, with Christian Louboutin's name attached, the buy will be worth it. Further more, a buy like this could be a huge investment as I am sure it's worth will increase in years to come. The collection has been titled My Year in Paris with Christian Louboutin and is part of Barbie's 50 year anniversary. The first Barbie of the three set collection is set to release in December and each box includes four pairs of shoes. Barbie's makeover is a sure upgrade and how cool is she for "spending" a year with the icon that she refers to as her "benevolent godfather?" lol Check out the pics at the jump. I'm sure your love for Barbie will come back as mine did. Barbie's shoe game has been and is still shitting!

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