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Monday, November 16

Missing Monday

Original, cheesy, and completely mind control. I could not wait to get home to watch the Power Rangers. I can think back when I was in Junior High and talking about who was the white ranger, who could beat them, who was more powerful, and why they only provided one black actor? Man, this is what I miss. ORIGINAL CHEESY AMERICANIZED ANIME!


Loniii Ann said...

I was def the pink one and sometimes the yellow when someone stole pink.
The movie was the best!!!

ELLE said...

i wuld fight with my sister 2 be the pink 1 b.c every wanted 2 b the pink 1 and my sis' name is Kimberly just like the pink 1. so i was jealous and always got called the yellow 1. but now i wuld choose be the yellow 1 over the pink 1. actually id be the green or white 1

(SEX)AVIER said...

i liked everyone except the red ranger he was a bitch
definetly classic fresh We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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