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Monday, November 16

Video Phone (Extended Version)

Beyonce f/ Lady Gaga. We dropped the audio last week now here's the long awaited video, enjoy!

The re-release of I Am… Sasha Fierce (Deluxe Edition) dropping 11/23!


Loniii Ann said...

My girls looking fucking fly and beautiful as fuck!

Anonymous said...


Juskish said...

yo why was i posting that same thing! lol

I agree gaga looks awkward!

Loniii Ann said...

i like the telephone track more than this

ELLE said...

i fucking hate beyonce! lol how is her body so perfect! for the 1st time in my life she made me want 2 b her. lol that 1st scene in black & white was ridiculous! I love the change of outfits, great direction i think....but i didnt like gaga in this track 2 begin with and she looked skinny, esp compared 2 B. Her verse didnt kill it.

But TELEPHONE, is my shit!!!!! and Beyonce KILLED her verse on that shit! tore it up. The whole track is a hit tho.

Anonymous said...

hate this fucking video. its so pointless.

and beyonce is camera hogging again!

stupid bitch.

Juskish said...

Damn someone hates Beyonce! lol

I cant be hostile, but this video had Beyonce all over it. Can't wait for the Telephone video. I hope gaga shits all over it!

Juskish said...

Matter of fact, I know she will!

Loniii Ann said...

i love beyonce!
and yeah gaga looks deadly!
I love the white outfits!

ELLE said...

lmao at anonymous #2 tell em why you mad homie!

but i cant wait 4 the telephone video either... i mean this 1 is Beyonce ft gaga so of course itll b more her. im assumin the same with telephone (listenin 2 rite now =)

Kristie said...

They are both crazy and crazy is always better love them both! We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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