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Saturday, November 7

Rihanna on 20/20

So here's the tell all interview. Let's discuss this shit in the comment box. This is part 1, seen in previews. Jump for all parts.


ELLE said...

1st i just want 2 say i hate her hair

ELLE said...

they showed internet opinions (including the skorpion show) and ri called them ignorant. same as i said even if she had provoked it, y wuld she have deserved that. glad the truth is out. i mean as truth as it can be. at least they both have the same story 4 the most part

(SEX)AVIER said...

yo i understand were all females coming from the nigga was hands down wrong but how can anyone move forward if this is what everyone is stuck on, we all make mistake's some of which should never be made but at the end of the day she still alive

Anonymous said...

Like I've said before, we all have done something in our past that we want the utmost forgiveness for. I am over it and I'm ready for his music.
Second I think it's important to realize that they both came from disfunctional homes and that there's a cycle of abuse coming from both sides that they both are and were willing to part take in: him fucking her up, and her putting up with it.
Okay, the shoving part, she's still covering for him. Just that screams that there had been abuse before. Not as obvious, but still there.
She's still inlove with him and it's clear, but props to her for really working on moving on. She's lucky that she has so many things and support to help her move on, cuz if she didn't I could totally see her being with him right now. Matter of fact, after loosing her best friend, I am sure that she misses him. We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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