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Saturday, November 7

Straight No Chaser- Dec.1

The awaited release for Mr.hudson's album is not so long anymore, his album "Straight No Chaser" is set to release Dec 1 in the U.S.A ( already released in the uk oct 19). Here is a song from the album "There Will Be Tears"

Hit the jump for tracklist and a couple reviews NOW!

There Will Be Tears - Mr. Hudson

# Title Producer Length
1. "Supernova" (featuring Kanye West) Kanye West 3:13
2. "White Lies" 3:11
3. "Knew We Were Trouble" 3:15
4. "Straight No Chaser" 3:23
5. "Learning to Live" 4:18
6. "Instant Messenger" 3:44
7. "There Will Be Tears" 3:47
8. "Stiff Upper Lip" 2:52
9. "Central Park" (featuring Joy Joesph) 2:53
10. "Anyone But Him" (featuring Kanye West) Kanye West 3:10
11. "Everything Is Broken" (featuring Kid Cudi) 2:44
12. "Lift Your Head" 3:08
13. "Time" 3:58
14. "Supernova (Calvin Harris Remix) (iTunes UK Bonus Track)" 5:41

"It’s testament to his creative strength that Hudson’s own style prevails over any other contributions. His debut’s characterful junk-shop anomalies have been ironed out, with electronic elements brought to the forefront, making way for a more expensive-of-feel affair. Despite the occasional ‘what does this button do?’ moment, it works with effortless grace. The songs, driven by modern RnB beats, are refreshingly unfussy, scattered piano motifs complementing a very un-American doubtfulness in Hudson’s lyrics. Association with big names is not for shrinking violets, but Hudson’s unflappable self-belief serves him well. London and LA have seldom chimed so effectively."

"Strangely though, while West’s contribution technically is that good, it’s not actually the thing that makes this record. In fact, it gets in the way. It’s expertly handled, with hooks presented appropriately so that you don’t have to seek them out, and choruses to drag songs straight to the top of the charts without anyone even listening to them, but judge this record alongside anything else that West has produced, and it sounds weak. Judge it as a Kanye West production, and you’ll note that Mr. Hudson’s voice doesn’t stand up to the pomp of its backing tracks, and that the only time some of the songs come into their own is when Kanye takes a verse. Take lead single 'Supernova'; by the time West has completed a verse and chorus, Mr. Hudson sounds like a member of the entourage roped into the studio for a photo opportunity. As he sings himself on Knew We Were Trouble – “I’m just a boy from Birmingham, another imposter on a major label roster, how did I get here?”."

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