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Monday, December 14

Drug Dealer Girl

Mike Posner who had been featured in Issue 7 has finally made a video for a 21-7 favorite, "Drug Dealer Girl." The main lady in the video is a face that is becoming familiar, Rosa Acosta. I still like the song and the video is okay, to me, but the part in the video that will have you paying attention most is the stretching Acosta does. I will be signing up for dance classes soon because learning those killa moves are a must. And for the lady lovers, you will be sure to get some kind of erotic fantasy from watching. Go ahead and tell me different! lol Check out the video along with Posner's interview with 21-7.


Loniii Ann said...

I expected different.
But this works
I wish wale was on this!

Loniii Ann said...

the quality could've been better too!

ELLE said...

i think this video is so disappointingly whack! We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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