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Monday, December 14

Two Beauties

Jada Picket Smith is such a beauty and has always been. Even back when she was rocking her Poetic Justice braids. Well, it looks like her daughter is a definite candidate to hold down her spot in the future. Willow Smith is so gorgeous and check out her new cut. Of all the shaven heads I've seen, hers look by far is top three. I love it! More pics of Willow at the Jump.


Loniii Ann said...

I think she too young for this!
those big ears!
man she looks just like will smith too, love him!

ELLE said...

i think she looks gorgeooous. shes so feakin pretty. a beatuiful spitting image of will smith. and i love that her name is willow. thats my vampire name. and ahw'll grow in2 those ears. i think its so cool that she wuld do that hair cut...its definitly adult tho. but i cant wait 2 see her at 17 We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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