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Monday, January 11

21-7 Weekly Poll:

How do you feel about rejection?

I hate it 50%
I can deal 50%
I've never been rejected 0%

Interesting. Half of you hate rejection, half of you can deal with it pretty smoothly. I totally voted 'I hate it'. Because I really do, I feel all shitty after. But I always deal with it and move on. Fuck it, rejection is apart of life. It's understandable to hate rejection. But don't even add to the negativity with hate. I don't want to hate anything anymore and I suggest the same for you guys. Instead, deal with it and "on to the next one."

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Loniii Ann said...

i said i can deal with it.
because i reject all the time.

Elle said...

word i reject 2 We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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