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Monday, January 11

Elle's Birthday Sleepover!

Photobucket(L to R, Lil, friend, Elle, Angie)

Shout out to for documenting a night that I cannot personally remember. Many of these photos are embarassing, but all worth it. Happy birthday Elle!

An even special shout out to the host, Betty and her sister, Annie! And everyone who came through (Just basing off my minor memory and photos, so if I missed you, holla at ya squalla!), Angie, Lil, Puchy Loo, Hollywood, Nunnie, Freddy and friends!

Another year passed, now we have been given a new year to make even more memorable.
View all the photos here.

This is my personal favorite picture of the night... lmfao!!! WTF!
(Angie & A-list)

1 comment:

Kay ♥ said...

looks like soo much fun!!! We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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