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Friday, January 1

Mickey Factz – The Dark Phoenix : Alpha

So many musical gifts today, I am loving it. Next up a new classic from Mickey Factz, who has been teasing us for weeks with this #ALPHA maddness on twitter. And I must say I hate to be teased so I am so happy its out so he can stop teasing us. I definitely got my listen on as soon as it dropped, and I am very pleased just off one listen. It's a pretty sick tape. I love the artwork, it blows my mind everytime I look at it. Now it is your turn. Let us know what you think, enjoy!


(SEX)AVIER said...

8 tracks son??? we waited this long for 8 fucking tracks

Loniiii said...

same shit i was saying.
but great 8 tracks i must say! We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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