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Thursday, January 21

mouse flats by MJ

These are Marc by Marc Jacobs ballerina flats, with rhinestone detailing, creating a mouse on the toe front. These flats will make any pair of jeans come to life. $280 at Zappos. They have lots of MJ shoes there for sale.


Juskish said...

MJ and his darn mouse

Kay ♥ said...

lmao @ kish WORD

ummm would it be too much if i do this myself on my own damn flats?! recession much?! lmao nah i wouldnt do that.

I want to marry MJ , but that will never happen =(

Elle said...

totally do it urself!

Loniii Ann said...

not really a fan of these
idk if it the mutli color rhinestones but idk.

A-LI$T said...

word if niggas seen this in rainbow.. it would be wahck tho!? not feel em

ELLE said...

multi color can threw u off, but with a straight leg pair of jeans, a little loose or nicely fitting, a simple and soft black tee or tank, minimal, maybe classic jewelry, and u ready 2 go We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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