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Thursday, January 21

Reality t.v....ugh

Kay's post about Jersey Shore reminded me of a post I wanted to make suggesting all of you to shoot your t.v. screens. Reality t.v. is fun and entertaining but there has to be a limit. T.v. has become nothing but "reality". I am so sick of these VH1 "love" shows, I'm so sick of these rich people shows like that Aspen show and MTV's The City. And I am absolutely disgusted by Jersey Shore! I have been told that "it is so bad, it's good". No. The cast members look gross, and when I watched one episode it was all about sex. Just about tacky Italians getting drunk, hooking up, and fighting. We have enough of that already. Plus that is just a sad representation of that nationality. I also saw when Snookie got snuffed and that bitch didn't get snuffed, that's why they blacked it out!

I think this generation is too involved with drugs, sex, and money. You never see anyone tweet/blog/talk about educational documentaries or influential films. Instead everyone occupies themselves with an overload of pure fuckery, as Kay honestly said. Here at 21-7 we are all allowed to be individuals, and it's totally okay to watch entertaining television. I have my guilty pleasures as well, so I'm not knocking anyone. But if we keep supporting every bullshit show they produce, how will we ever expect t.v. to get better. Not to mention, that these shows are put here to distract us. And it works! We need to expand our knowledge on what's happening across seas, not what's happening in Jersey Shore.


A-LI$T said...

lmfao this is a great post. Article to come!

A-LI$T said...

"I think this generation is too involved with drugs, sex, and money." i think everyone is too involved with OTHER PEOPLES drug, sex n money

A-LI$T said...

thats why basic cable is a go.. so wen we get our apt... we dont need the box right?

Kay ♥ said...

I totally agree with you elle, yes theres pure fckery on tv and i am addicted to it. Yes there are PLENTY of times like "wtf are they really airing this?!"

BUT I cant stop.... okay maybe i can... i don`t have cable in my room at the moment and can i just say how its KILLING ME! I never realized how much crap i watched.... now all i do is read,txt, and use my laptop....

Maybe this is good?!

Wellp I guess i`ll try not to get sucked in anymore =(

Elle said...

lol i still want cable. hbo and those channels have the best shows, tho we cant afford them. but sum shows are okay. and its good that u read kay, thats something i really want to get back into

Loniii Ann said...

i dont even watch tv anymore.
can't keep up
the web is my drug<3 We'll be back soon. Can't fucking wait :)

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